Make the Rest of Your Life, The Best of Your Life

Luck is a word the unsuccessful make up & use to help themselves cope with watching others become successful while they remain average & mediocre because they … [Read More...]

You Have One Life to Live…Time to Make a Choice….

Life is simple. Follow & take advice from broke people & you will be broke. Follow & take advice from wealthy people & you'll be wealthy. Parents, media, … [Read More...]

Be Phenomenal or Be Forgotten

Win the Day! Where ever you are... no matter how much you are struggling.. no matter how much pain you're going through... KEEP GOING... YOU WILL GET THERE. YOU WILL SUCCEED. YOU WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN. Take some pain.. get told NO a few or 50 … [Read More...]

Winning is an “all the time” Thing

How you do something is how you do everything. Winning is an ALL THE TIME thing. No matter what you are doing, give 110% effort, WIN. Win the seconds, they become minutes, WIN the minutes they become hours. WIN the hours, they become days. WIN … [Read More...]

Decide……Commit….Take Action

For all of you out there hating, running your mouth, telling our Vemma Family that  "those things don't work,they are fads, they all fizzle eventually, VEMMA is a 1 trick pony & can't last,#YPR isn'tsustainable, WE just got lucky.... PLEASE, … [Read More...]

Happy Labor Day

Go to HS get good grades, Go to college get good grades, make a resume, beg someone to hire you & work 40 hrs a week for 40 years of your life making someone else's dream come true. Then retire on 40% of your income.. You don't see something … [Read More...]